Leisuwash Establish Strategy Cooperation with Microhard Italy

01 Oct

With the support of our esteemed partnership Microhard Italy ( www.microhard.it ), Leisuwash 360 now could offer automatic payment system for self service car wash for whole European market, This system Paypoint Micro has been tested and works very well with Leisuwash 360 car wash equipment, it accept all payment systems: banknotes, coins, loyalty, fidelity, Qcode, POS, credit card, APP!

Paypoint Micro designed to manage a self-service track for customer fidelity.

Especially designed for outdoor areas, it can manage up to 6 separate washing programmes. This tough and sturdy unit is fitted out for the coin extraction tube. Paypoint Micro™ is fitted with a PK3 cashless payment system (PayKey™) for customer fidelity. It is available in 2 different versions to satisfy all free-standing or wall installation needs.

The graphics can be customised to give greater visibility to the company logo.


  • Port with lock featuring four anti-theft closing points and 1 anti-shoplifting device.
  • Payment systems protected from jets of water.
  • High brightness alphanumeric display
  • Installation on wall, build-in (optional bracket) or free-standing (optional)
  • Front panel featuring large user communication spaces with customisable indications of the functions of the individual buttons (with legends).
  • Keypad with 6 programme selection buttons.
  • Programmes managed via 6 NO relays and 6 opto-insulated inputs.


  • Power supply voltage: 24V
  • Power consumption: 25 W
  • Operating temperature: -15°C + 50°C


  • Operates with coins and tokens: If the user inserts the amount, the display immediately visualises the credit and/or time purchased. If a key is inserted in the reader, the inserted amount is immediately credited to the key.
  • Operation with contactless keys/cards.
  • Programme selection: The programmes are run by pressing the relative selection button.
  • On each change of selection a recalculation of the residual time of the supplied service takes place.

Configuration of peripheral devices on request

  • Led Plexi enlightening
  • Kit PK3 cashless
  • Kit + Display credit button included Stop Button
  • Kit Build-In Mounting bracket Kit
Leisuwash 360 car wash

Automoso car wash station

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Leisuwash 360 work with Paypoint Micro

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Automatic payment station

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Jack Zeng ( International Sales Director )

Hangzhou Leisu Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd

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