CARWASH CHEMICALS for Leisuwash 360

26 Dec

Do you know the differences between the various carwash chemicals and what benefits they provide for cars? The chemicals you use are critical to your carwash, because they will determine how clean the cars come out.

Consider this: Your dishwasher and washing machine each take 30 or more minutes to run a cycle. Even taking a shirt to the dry cleaner’s takes a couple days. Yet, customers expect you to take their large, grossly expensive vehicles and spit them out clean, dry and shiny in just a couple minutes. That’s a tall order, and you need all the chemical help you can get to ensure those results.

Presoaks, along with other chemicals, come in low-pH and high-pH variations, a high-pH presoak is an alkaline product formulated to remove oily and greasy soils while a low-pH presoak is an acidic product formulated to remove dirt- and dust-based soils. In addition, low-pH chemicals have different acids in them that help shine the car, and they will also help neutralize the soaps going down the drain.

the chemicals for the touchless market differ drastically. There are four aspects of the cleaning equation: time, temperature, chemical action and mechanical action. Since the touchless carwash removes the mechanical (or friction) action from the equation, the chemicals have to take on more of the cleaning duty.

We use products that are stronger — that have more alkalinity and more acidity — because we need to make up for the friction. And, we use more of it. So, your cost per wash chemically wise is going to be higher.” Furthermore, since Leisuwash 360 touchless car wash machines also rely on high-pressure water, this water has to be conditioned.

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