Leisuwash SG Automatic Car Wash Equipment


Leisuwash SG Car Wash Equipment the Revorlution of Car Wash Industry, Washing Cleaning is King !

The development of the Leisuwash SG had one principle: a brushless machine should still deliver a great wash result ! The combined chemical applicator and high pressure bar do make this possible. It keeps an even distance to the car so that the chemicals can reach all parts of the vehicle in the same concentration. The combination of different chemicals will soften up even persistent dirt and the contouring high pressure system will clean it off easily.

Leisuwash SG Contour-following Pre-soak Application and Super High pressure Rinse

In several stages two presoak chemicals are applied to the vehicle to soften up any crusted dirt, with our contouring application system the chemicals will be evenly applied to all areas of the car. It will automatically detect and identify all types of vehicles, contour following the car body at accurately 35cm distance, water is alternately supplied from horizontal arm or from vertical arm, up to 100 bar high pressure water with 15 nozzles could easily flushing away the dirt. Horizontal arm could go to really bottom and makes perfect cleaning at vehicle head and tail.

Leisuwash SG OverGlow Hi-Gloss Lava Foam System

Bright active agent Biodegradation and can improve the decontamination effect, making the paint surface more beautiful and brighter. Fantastic colorful LED light will attract drivers off steet and onto your wash bay.

Leisuwash SG High Pressure Side Wash with Duel Arm

German P+F ultrasonic sensor detection system ensure 35 cm  precision washing distance on both sides, water is alternately supplied from horizontal arm or from vertical arm, up to 100bar flushing pressure with 9 powerful USA made jets at both sides, can effectively cleans the sides and sill areas of the vehicle.

Leisuwash SG Spot Free Reverse Osmosis Water Rinse

Final rinse with reverse osmosis water can perform a spot free car wash, the crystal coating wax can be completely absorbed on the surface of the car body, with superior protection of car paint, and features anti-acid rain, pollution, UV erosion.

Leisuwash SG Intergrated Air Drying System

Following the Leisuwash philosophy there is no great car wash without a great drying system. Leisuwash SG configuring three 5.5kw and one 4kw Siemens motors embedded in the washing machine, control the airflow by four cylindrical outlet, the first task is to split a bunch of wind air, reducing wind drag subsequent to follow airflow to dry the surface of the car body, complete drying the car within 50 seconds.

Leisuwash SG 24 hours Self-Service Online Paying

Through the online payment with voice guidance system can achieve 24-hours self service car wash. In China people use WeChat or Alipay online paying, overseas customers can adpot local payment system work together with Leisuwash systems.