Leisuwash DG HP Touchless Automatic Car Wash Equipment


Hangzhou Leisu Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in research and development of automatic car wash equipment. Leisuwash constantly changes its thinking and making the designed products more professional. Innovation is the source of a product’s persistence and an important guarantee for an enterprise to flourish and prosper. In past seven years, Leisuwash has continuously transformed customer needs into technological innovations on car wash machines. These innovative designs not only bring more excellent cleaning result, and also help car wash owners increase revenue.

Key Features

  1. Contour-following high pressure rinse.
  2. Contour-following air dryer.
  3. Contour-following chemical application.
  4. Bi-directional rotational wheel scrubbing.
  5. High pressure swing side rinse. ( optional )
  6. Frequency conversion silent air dryer. ( optional )

Contour-following chemical application and high pressure wash.

Washing without brushes poses a special challenge for a car wash. Leisuwash DG equipped a multi-stage chemical and high-pressure system. Automatically detect various types of vehicles and working with 35cm flushing distance and 100bar flushing pressure.  A multi-stage applicator is used to apply different chemicals and therefore loosens a high amount of dirt. Contour-following and lateral high pressure ensure that the vehicle surface is cleaned thoroughly after the dirt has been loosened. We don’t need to worry about any damage to the car paint, because during the cleaning process, except the cleaning fluid and high-pressure water, there is no brush contact with vehicle body.

Contour-following air dryer with side air dryer

Following the Leisuwash philosophy there is no great car wash without a great drying system. Leisuwash DG flow-optimized drying system provide contour-following air drying with accurately drying distance at 25cm. By optimizing the main body of the blower, the air flow loss is effectively reduced, with 16 kW of power, the premium dryer for DG ensures that cars are dry and customers are satisfied. Optional SILENT-drying system can reduce 35% noise and energy consumption, and suit to more application places.

Bi-directional rotational wheel scrubbing.

Leisuwash DG also provides customers with more humanized design concepts. Customers can easily experience the uniqueness of Leisuwash DG through these innovative features.

One of the most difficult areas of vehicles to clean are the wheels, Leisuwash DG takes tire scrubbing to a new level. During the process, each tire receives a chemical application and the wheel receives an intense bi-directional rotational scrubbing, combined with high-pressure water flow. There are multiple cleaning technologies in play to meet even the most demanding consumer needs.

Overglow lave foam with spot free RO water rinse

Leisuwash DG also provide more value-added functions, such as overglow lava foam, the light show will attract drivers off street and into your wash bay. Soft wax coating makes every car wash becomes a car care and maintenance, and surely will bring more return customers for you.

Leisuwash DG 24 hours Self-Service Online Paying

Through the online payment with voice guidance system can achieve 24-hours self service car wash. In China people use WeChat or Alipay online paying, overseas customers can adpot local payment system work together with Leisuwash systems.