Leisuwash S90 Car Wash Machine


Leisuwash S90 car wash machine is an entry level car wash unit, but you won’t find any low grade components and no cost cutting on the expense of quality. Each Leisuwash S90 is built by Leisuwash employees in accordance with our usual quality standards, the low price is achieved by high standardization and the use of proven technology. The Leisuwash S90 is for clients that need a wash machine at a competitive price with higher ROI.


1. High pressure pre-wash for under chassis and wheels.

Equipped with a unique chassis and fan hub flush function, 80bar high pressure water can effectively remove dirt on chassis, body sides and wheels.

2. Smart 360 rotate arm, spray various washing chemicals with high-precision proportioning technology.

100% accurate measurement with adjustable ratio. only 20~50ml pre-soak comsumption for washing one car  through high precision chemical mixing system, save material and cost efficiently.

 3. Smart 360 rotate arm, Flush car body 360° with high pressure water.

Complete 360° rotating within 50 seconds, up to 80bar high pressure water can easily remove the dirt.

4. Magic color polish shampoo.

Thick foam makes cleaning maintenance component fuller contact with dirt, thereby improving the efficiency of decontamination, making the paint colors more moist, bright lights. Unique soft-type broad-spectrum activity of ion cleansing agents, emulsifying effective daily cleaning dirt on the car body and non-corrosive for the car paint, wheels, tires, window glass.

5. Soft water with crystal wax coat.

Soft water can make magic crystal coating color shampoo and wax completely adsorbed body surface, forming a multi-layered interaction strength protective film, with superior protection of car paint.

6. Stand alone air drying system. ( Optional )

Leisuwash S90 Configuring 4sets 12kw air dryers can fast drying the vehicle up to 90%.

Leisuwash S90 Car Wash Machine – High Quality

Leisuwash S90 Car wash equipment establish German Pinfl or Italy Bertolini high pressure piston pump, French Schneider Electricals, German Siemens PLC, German P+F ultrasonic sensor, Aluminum waterproof motor with variable frequency drive, Hot-dip galvanized mounting frames, 7 inch color touch screen, 304 stainless steel rotate arm.

Leisuwash S90 Touch Free Car Wash – Technical Parameters

Main machine size 2900mm*1000mm*660mm
Rail length 6000mm
Min Mounting Dimensions ( length*width*height ) 7000mm*3300mm*3300mm
Max car wash size ( length*width*height ) 5500mm*2600mm*2000mm
Power Requirement 380V/16Kw, 50Hz/60Hz
Air switch 80A air switch
Air fan motor power 4sets/12Kw
Control System German Siemens Industrial Control PLC
Electrical System French Schneider Electricals
Metering pump Well-Off/New Dose
Sensor System German P+F ultrasonic sensor system
Speed 360 wash 50 seconds.
Pre-soak consumption 20~50ML/Car ( Depends on chemical proportioning )
Polish shampoo consumption 50~100ML/Car
Crystal wax consumption 20~40ML/Car
Water consumption Fast wash 120L/car, Super wash 220L/car
Electricity consumption Fast wash 0.5 KW·H/car, Super wash 1 KW·H/car

Leisuwash S90 Car Wash 3D Drawing – Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance.

Leisuwash S90 Car Wash Equipment Demonstration Video