Leisuwash 360 Enterprise Video 2018 the Automatic Touchless Car Wash

05 Sep

Hangzhou Leisuwash launched Enterprise Video 2018 for the Leisuwash 360 Automatic touchless car wash equipment !

He walked along the meandering road with a smile and sweat, and finally stood out in the car wash machine industry.

He continued day after day and year after year, unswervingly innovative spirit for the development of Chinese car wash machine industry continue to establish a new benchmark .

He is —- Leisuwash.

Hangzhou Leisu Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which professional in car wash equipment research and development, production, sales and service. Gathering a group of professional innovation technical team, with R & D excellent quality intelligent car wash equipment, and being the pioneer of China car wash system industry.

Leisuwash 360 is an intelligent car washing system, with dozens of national invention patents. This system can automatically complete the vehicle cleaning, care, waxing, polishing, coating, air-drying etc processes. With card or online payment system can achieve 24-hours self-service car wash.

When the arrow light turns on, the vehicle enters the car wash bay. LED and voice prompt system guided vehicles to complete self-parking, 3D detection system will measure vehicle position, and start car washing process automatically after 321 count down.

Leisuwash 360 intelligent rotate arm adopt unique up and down ectopic design, linear to follow the car body with precise adjustment of flushing distance. High-quality world-leading American “SPRAY” nozzles can achieve water saving and boosting effect. Hardness material ensure nozzles work long lifetime with high pressure water. Innovative non-resistance rail suspension design make rotate arm running more lightly and stable, with promise frequency control and servo drive, effectively enhance the running speed, flushing a circle takes only 28 seconds, save water 50%, energy saving 60%.

Leisuwash 360 equipped with an intelligent chemical mixing system. A variety of liquid packages, mixed, atomized to form fine particles more thorough contact with stains and thoroughly remove dirt. Through precise matching and smart metering, spraying a car need only 20-50ml chemicals, precise control the costs. OverGlow Hi-gloss application system will help you grow your car wash business, this innovative system create a silky smooth sheet of solution draping their vehicle, the bright colorful LED light illuminated the solution during the application, providing a unique and entertaining customer experience, your customer will love very shiny vehicle, and you will love the extra revenue. Thick magic shampoo makes cleaning maintenance component fully contact with dirt, thereby improving the efficiency of decontamination, making the car paint moist and bright.

Leisuwash 360 also provides more care function, soft water wax coating can form a layer of hard protective film on the car surface, with super waterproof, acid rain, anti-ultraviolet erosion etc, not only the vehicle paint become brilliant, also protect paint to be damaged by dust and gravel.

Leisuwash 360 unique intergrated air drying system, can fast drying the vehicle within 50 seconds, include vehicle crevices. Leisuwash 360 control the air flow through four cylindrical air outlet, the first outlet split the air to optimize the air speed, makes strong wind arrive to vehicle body at the shortest time. Whether a tall SUV or low body sports car, can achieve effective drying result.

Leisuwash 360 also provides more user-friendly designs, such as automatic cleaning chassis, tires and mirrors; one key anti-freeze, faulty alarm, safety tips, intelligent collision avoidance etc.

Leisuwash 360 is a high quality and safety product, each module, each function fully implement the safety of the design concept. Before each device starts to run, all the sensing and operation control modules will be tested for safety scanning, so as to find out the hidden dangers in advance.

Real-time monitoring on the power phase loss, undervoltage, overvoltage, overload, the motor also uses advanced thermal detection technology.

High quality and high capacity E-chain makes liquid delivery more smoothly, minimize wear and tear on pipelines and power cables.

High-quality timing belt, can improve the control performance of the entire system, makes equipment working faster and increase car wash numbers.

The non-resistance rolling tightening structure guarantees a smooth operation of the equipment in a harsh washing environment.

After several years development, Leisuwash constantly improve product quality and after-sales service, and constantly refresh the marketing areas.

Leisuwash car wash equipment has been exported to 52 countries and regions, and keep establishing agents and service partners in both domestic and international market. Leisuwash company work step by step, through continuous efforts and research, aim to becoming a synonym for high-quality washing machine industry in China, and also in world wide markets, in order to create the trust of the Chinese brand!

Insist on the mission ! Leisuwash staffs will struggle with full of enthusiasm, for Made in China 2025, for the world !


Jack Zeng ( International Sales Director )

Hangzhou Leisu Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd

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