Deep cooperation with Brasil Top Spa Car

21 Feb

Dated 19th, Mar, 2015, the CEO of Brasil Top Spa Car Company Mr ANDERSON MACENA came to inspect Leisuwash company, he is really satisfied with Leisu touch free wash system, and totally agree with quality level when he saw our spare parts mostly come from international known brands, like Mitsubishi, Schneider, NSK bearings, American SPRAY nozzles, CAT water pump, AIRTEC etc. TOPSPACAR company is a comprehensive Service Corporation in Brasil, established in 2004, has 36 car service shops in Brasil, the company has expanded business to the United states in 2015. company has passed a variety of certification, ABF, ISO14001, etc., is one of the top 60 companies approved by the government of Brazil, cooperation partners included TOYOTA、MITSUBISHI、HONDA、SUZUKI、NISSAN、RENAULT、CHEVROLET、FIAT. Mr ANDERSON MACENA plan to install Leisu touchless car wash machines in all shop, we feel really proud of it.





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Jack Zeng ( International Sales Director )

Hangzhou Leisu Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd

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