Avoid several errors to wash car after snow

21 Feb

Many drivers have ignored cleaning and maintenance for the car after snow, some people think there is no need to wash after the snow, maybe today you washed, tomorrow snow again, time spent in vain. Indeed, the washing after snow seems trivial, but if you do not pay attention, they become negative factors automobile winter conservation.

Misunderstanding 1: Washing with hot water after the snow.
Some owners in the snow themselves after washing with hot water, car maintenance experts have warned, after the snow gives the car a hot bath is the destruction of the car, because the sudden change in temperature can damage the paint, it gradually lost luster, and car windscreen may also burst in pouring hot water. Do not use cold water washing after the snow directly erosion, especially after the engine warming up, the front of the car at high temperature, washed with cold water can cause rapid cooling of the surface of the paint is very unfavorable, but not directly flushing the engine. At this exact washing method is to launch the car to open the car heater system, then use warm water Cleaning. After scouring the door should be open to dry water stains, prevent the door at the residual water freezes. Do not forcibly switch windows are frozen, especially electric windows.
Misunderstanding 2: Don’t wash car intime after snow.
Sometimes snow for several days, some owners put wash things dragged on until the car wash, but found that the paint is still as before there are shiny. Car care experts say, after the snow washing should be timely, even if the sky Soon display will snow the next few days, and do not drag not wash. As long as the snow coverage, it must immediately flushed with water to snow. Snow composition containing erosion, whether it is paint, the chassis is still tires, wheels, long snow coverage will cause damage.
Misunderstanding 3: do not change water to wash the car
The vast majority of owners are aware, immediately after the snow car wash will play a very good protection. But the worse was the car wash paint. Because these owners often their own bucket of water, holding a car wash rag. Wash the car is not impossible, but a lot of people wrong method differences, only when some owners with a bucket of water and wash the car, repeatedly entrained sediment bucket so scratched paint. Moreover, it can not be washed with water only snow water salinity and alkaline substances. Car care experts suggest that the best professional car wash shops, through a large number of activities and water purification added neutral detergent scouring body, specialized cleaning wheel brush will hub gap in the sludge scrub very clean.

Misunderstanding 4: Cleaning without anti-rust chasis
Some owners reflect, immediately after the snow to a professional car wash car wash, and can not know why the car’s chassis has been eroded. Car maintenance experts explain, washing machine comes with chassis scouring equipment, strong jet of water washed up chassis, the chassis can be attached to the muddy surface thoroughly rinse, but the water will spray in the end a lot of cleaning all parts of the disc. Thus, the chassis will soon be appearing rusty metal sector phenomenon. It will accelerate the rusting chassis after damage, and difficult to remedy. So after a thorough rinse with a washing machine chassis should be dried horse long before rust treatment by a professional staff dedicated vehicle chassis rust inhibitor. Which contains anti-corrosion agent, rust inhibitor, wet removal agent and synthetic penetration oozing protection agents, moist air to resist salt spray and have a very very special effect.

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