Leisuwash shipment arrive Dammam/Saudi Arabia

22 Feb

Dated 21th, Aug, 2015, after one month sea shipping, the first batch 3 units Leibao 360 Touch free vehicle wash systems arrive Dammam city, Saudi Arabia, the wash machines will be installed in different places in Dammam city, customers there can see the real car washing machines soon.

Dammam (Saudi Arabia) (Arabic: الدمام) in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, is an important center for the Saudi oil industry. Dammam is the largest city in the eastern province of Dammam is the largest seaport in the Persian Gulf. Its import and export volume second only to Jeddah. Dammam has a new King Fahd International Airport, the airport is located in City West 20km, there is a six-lane highway connections. Dammam satellite towns have modern economic center Khobar, the world’s largest oil company Saudi Aramco and fisheries agricultural center location Zhaha Lan




Leisuwash automatic  car wash machine shipment in Saudi Arabia

Leisuwash shipment arrive Dammam/Saudi Arabia


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