Leisuwash shipment to voronezh/Russia

17 Feb

Dated 17th, Aug, 2015, Leisuwash finished the testing of demo touchless car wash system for Moy-ka company from voronezh/Russia, and send the car wash system via a FCL 40’ft container.






Voronezh city (г.Воронеж) located at longitude 39 ° 12’38 “, latitude 51 ° 40’18”, Central Black Earth Region of Russia’s largest economic zone industrial and cultural center of Voronezh state capital. Located in Voronezh River near the confluence with the Don. A population of about 99,16 million. It is an important river port and Moscow – Kiev railway hub. Industrial machinery manufacturing (agricultural machinery, excavators, grinders, 144 supersonic aircraft, etc.) based, time for the chemical and food processing industries. A large nuclear power station nearby. A number of colleges and universities, as well as seventeen to eighteen century monuments.


Jack Zeng ( International Sales Director )

Hangzhou Leisu Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd

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