Automatic Car Wash Machine

17 Feb

Automatic washing machine full name is computer automatic car washing machine. Automatic washing machine is set up the system to achieve automatic cleaning procedures waxing, air drying washing machine rims, etc. through a computer. With the rapid development of Chinese economy, more and more cars entered the home, fully automatic washing machines are increasingly favored by the majority of owners. Automatic washing machine is divided into non-contact type automatic washing machine and brush automatic washing machine. It’s a small investment. Simply faster than manual washing washing machine speed. And high efficiency!
Non-contact type automatic washing machine, Advantages: Free scrub that non-contact, not to hurt the paint, in a conventional washing process will need to brush strips, sponges, substance contact body scrub brush or the like to clean up, but dirty cleaning Some of the body easily when mixed with sand, clay tablets and other logistics in paint friction, this time of sand, mud acts as a grain of sand polished sand sheet, in the cleaning process occurs brush flowers, brush hurt car paint, car paint damage according to become, in order to avoid this problem, Leisuwash introduced a new automatic washing machine!

automatic car washing in Bulgaria
The system uses laser positioning technology to determine the vehicle’s position and shape, and control media on the car wash down and the surrounding clean. Reducing the belt and other ancillary equipment, nor dazzling brush, control arm, soft cloth, greatly reducing the footprint of the car wash room and equipment maintenance.
Innovative design is its detachable component design, which makes whatever one element is damaged, the repair can be completed in only instrument for a part of the case.
The various components of the products are in the laboratory after repeated testing and design before they are made, each member having excellent quality and good performance. Each appearance of the surface equipment, all with hot and cold galvanized, waterproof anti-rust treatment, can reach about 10 years of life.

automatic vehicle washing

1. Unique ” L ” arm design, 360 degree rotating wash, chassis wash, foam spray, wash the whole car only about 100 seconds / vehicles.
2. Automatic Frequency and programming design, using flow and angle of standard stainless steel nozzle, precise computer control system, further improve the cleaning speed.
3. about 80kg per square centimeter super high pressure washing, sand body a red net.
4. The washing machine uses advanced photoelectric sensor positioning technology to determine the vehicle’s position and shape, and L-shaped spray bar control of the car up and down and around the wash, size models with automatic detection, automatic adjustment ” L ” arm rotating spray bar angle and rinse away.
5. Quick and efficient washing process, ” L ” arm rotary spray washing liquid, greatly reducing the use of electricity and washing fluid.
6. The equipment used in water, electricity, rub-free cleaners fee of about 1.4 yuan / vehicle, customers save a high human cost.
7. The unique “L” shaped rotary 360 degree rinse thoroughly cleanse all parts of the car, including body gaps.
8. “L” shaped rod 17 fan-shaped spray high-pressure nozzles, the computer automatically detects the wash from fully eliminate blind cleaning, thorough cleaning.
9. The car features a unique chassis wash, while the net using the left and right side of the high pressure jet spray mode, a red chassis and wheels.
10. Free use wipe special washing liquid, remove the roller brush or washing because the body scrub sponge surface, causing paint scratches and accidental damage.


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