Automatic car wash system installation in Baalbek/Lebanon

27 Feb

Dated 25th, Aug, 2015, Leisu touchless car wash technician Mr Sun departure from PVG airport, transit in Abu Dhabi and arrive Lebanon capatical city Beirut, and after 2 hours bus, finally arrive destination Baalbek city, which is 80 kms far away from Beirut, the first Leisuwash automatic car wash machine installation work start in Baalbek.






Leisuwash install in Lebanon

Leisuwash automatic car wash machine install in Lebanon



touch free vehicle cleaning equipment

Leisuwash in Lebanon install quickly and smoothly



Baalbek, in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and Central City. Population 18,000. Former Lebanese Shanxi Lu Jian, an altitude of about 1,160 meters. Is an agricultural district, with Roman monument known as the Temple of Jupiter, and Venus Temple temple wine. This Phoenician city in Greece is known to Titan, where the worship of three gods. Baalbek retained the religious Roman times, when the sun god Jupiter temple attracts thousands of pilgrims. Baalbek its large structure has become a model for the construction of the Roman Empire. Baalbek in Lebanon’s famous monuments, located in the foothills outside the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, more than 80 kilometers northeast of Beirut, an altitude of about 1160 meters. “Baalbek” means “sun field.”


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