Automatic Cleaning and Disinfection Equipment

Leisuwash EG Special Vehicle Cleaning and Disinfection Equipment ( Swing HP )

Cleaning + Disinfection + Air Drying

Emergency vehicles, cash transport vehicles, logistics vehicles, engineering vehicles, school buses, garbage trucks etc travel through crowded areas every day. Daily disinfection and regular cleaning are required to ensure the normal travel of vehicles.

At present, there is no automatic car washing and disinfection equipment specially used for cleaning this type of vehicle in the market. Leisuwash fully considered the importance of epidemic prevention work, we organized a technical research and development team, carried out hardware and software system design according to customer needs, and developed this automatic cleaning and disinfection equipment for special vehicles – Leisuwash EG.

It can easily complete the cleaning of the vehicle, and carry out disinfection and sterilization of the vehicle.

Swing High Pressure Rinse + Water Saving

Leisuwash EG adopts a high-pressure swing design concept. This unique, innovative and intelligent high-pressure washing system can completely imitate the manual car washing action, washing the vehicle up and down, left and right reciprocatingly, leaving no dead spots. The system is driven by an IP 67 waterproof motor, swings at a 25° angle for washing, and is equipped with a high-pressure 0-degree linear nozzle, which can keep the water pressure at every point on the vehicle surface, and then a 15°-angle fan nozzle is used for all-round washing. , The cleaning coverage is wider, which can achieve faster and better cleaning results. The whole system not only reduces the number of nozzles, but also greatly reduces water consumption, saves energy and reduces consumption. It only needs 150 liters of water to clean a medium and large car.

Contour-following Vehicle Wash

Leisuwash EG’s intelligent contour following lifting system can freely rotate and lift according to the contour of the vehicle body, automatically detect and identify various types of vehicles, accurately adjust the washing distance, and intelligently follow the profiling high-pressure washing, which is not restricted by any vehicle type, and is more suitable for washing vehicles with warning lights and luggage racks.

Intelligent Chemical Mixing System

Leisuwash EG integrates an intelligent chemical mixing system, equipped with a variety of chemical program packages, cleaning liquid, disinfectant, crystal wax, etc can be intelligently proportioned through this system.

Fast Air Drying System 5.5Kw * 4

Leisuwash EG fast air drying system is driven by four 5.5KW motors and is embedded in the wash machine. The blower uses the principle of air flow and optimizes the arrangement of the air outlets. The concentrated air flow will reach the surface of the vehicle body at the fastest speed. The airflow column can quickly dry the water on the vehicle surface and gap.

Electrophoresis + Plastic Spraying + IP67 Waterproof

Leisuwash EG produced with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology. The sheet metal is made of high-strength pickled sheet metal by bending and welding, with good integrity and higher strength. The anti-rust process of electrophoresis and plastic spraying has reached the automotive standard. The motor and reducer adopts IP67 waterproof grade, and can be installed in a open place. Machine lifetime could be more than 10 years.

Leisuwash EG Vehicle Cleaning and Disinfection Equipment Technical Dimensions + Parameters

Leisuwash EG is an intelligent equipment integrating cleaning, disinfection, glazing and air-drying. It will soon be put into epidemic prevention and control, helping more enterprise and hospitals to establish a long-term epidemic prevention mechanism.