Leisuwash Trouble Shooting

11 Mar

1. Wash system can not start.

Solution: Check the power supply; check whether the emergency stop button is released; check whether the swap power phase sequence.

2. High pressure water from chassis and rotate arm can not be switched normally.

Solution: Check air compressor On/Off; test water pump solenoid valve manually, determine whether the steering valve is working properly.

3. Noise of water pump suddenly becomes large.

Solution: Check whether the water tank lack of water.

4. Water pump doesn’t work

Solution: Check three-phase power On/Off, determine whether there is phase phenomenon; Check whether the touch screen alarm “pump overload,” if the water pump overload, then need to check the pump and motor belt, check the motor cable terminals are tightened, if everything ok then resetting the thermal relay.

5. Air fan doesn’t start

Solution: Check three-phase power On/Off, determine whether there is phase phenomenon; Check whether the touch screen alarm “air fan overload,” if the air fan overload, then need to check the motor line terminals are loose or not.

6. The last wax water doesn’t work

Solution: Check pump outlet valve is open or not; in case happened lack of water during wash process, then need to exhaust the air inside pump body firstly; check if the suction hose of small pump is not under the water; check if piping and electromagnetic valve working properly.

7. The pre-soak and shampoo don’t work properly

Solution: Firstly check if wax water working properly; check whether the chemicals have been exhausted; check if metering pump has been started properly, whether there is liquid went into metering pump transparent pipe line; checking if solenoid valve opening properly; check whether the air compressor is working; check if there is a  leakage on pipelines.

8. Start wash program, machine unreactive and touch screen appear “Front limit abnormal”, “Right limit abnormal,” “Rotate origin abnormal” etc alarm information.

Solution: Check whether the device is in the original starting position.

9. Machine alarm during wash process, touch screen appear ” *** limit abnormal “.

Solution: Check corresponding ultrasonic sensor signal is normal or not.

10. During wash process, rotate walk to the end and stop spray water, touch screen alarm ” vehicle exceed “.

Solution: Firstly check if the vehicle inside the wash scope, if yes then click ” continue ” to complete the car wash, and after wipe off the water on top sensor.

11. Touch screen alarm ” 485 communication abnormal “.

Solution: Inspect or replace communication wires.

12. Spray nozzle clogged.

Solution: Uninstall the nozzle and remove the garbage with a pin or air gun.

13. Touch screen appear ” Ultrasonic sensor detection upper limit ” etc alarm.

Solution: Check the C, D, E numerical in manual operation, check ” Program setting ” in user setting, take pictures of them and ask help from your supplier.


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