Leisuwash reach cooperation agreement with USA Integrated Cleaning Systems

05 Jul

Founded in 1998, by (3) brothers Kevin, Scott & Mike our initial objective was to supply & service high quality car wash equipment in the South Florida marketplace.
Today we sell, design, build, install, service, supply, and even own a few automatic, tunnel express & self serve car washes throughout the Southeast. We feel its important to the overall business that we “practice what we preach” by investing in the owner operater side and wash cars daily working hard to grow each business. This hands on approach keeps us current with the latest industry trends and provides us with first hand knowledge we need to share with our customers.
Our goal and passion is to grow our business through the compounded growth and success of your car wash business. It’s a simple model “if you succeed we share a little in your success.
We consider ourselves blessed to work with each and every customer we have large or small.
We strive to represent many of the leading brands in the world today such as Sonny’s CTO, Peco, Unitec, Istobal roll overs & serve products, now we are happy to conclude a marketing strategy with Leisuwash.


Leisuwash 360 automatic  car wash machine

Leisuwash reach cooperation agreement with USA Integrated Cleaning Systems

Leisuwash 360 car wash machine

Leisuwash high pressure car wash equipment


Jack Zeng ( International Sales Director )

Hangzhou Leisu Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd

Do you have any questions about the car washes or the price ?
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