Leisuwash 360 installation in Región del Bío-Bío, Chile.

21 Dec

Leisuwash 360 Touch free vehicle wash machine installation in Región del Bío-Bío come to the 3rd day, with the support of our Chile agency, the installation went very quickly, tomorrow after the car wash system commissioning work, the whole installation will be finished. We’ve done training work for Chile partner, and from the 3rd machine, our Chile agency can do the installation by themselves and provide after sale support for customers in Chile.





install car wash system

Leisuwash 360 car wash machine installation

China automatic car wash equipment in Chile

Touch free vehicle wash machine

automatic vehicle wash machine installation

Chile lavado laser

touch free car wash machine in Chile

Región del Bío-Bío, Chile and Central one district (eight districts), population 1,674,000, second only to Santiago area. 1974 built-up areas by Niufu Lai, Bio-Bio, Concepcion, Arauco composed of four provinces. East of the Andes (average elevation of 2,000 meters), West is the coastal mountains, in the Central Valley (north south width narrower). There Bío Bío River running through the country’s second largest river.


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