How often should to wash and wax the car ?

30 Sep

It depends on how quickly your car gets dirty and how dirty it gets.  If your car is lightly used and parked indoors, a wash every two weeks is sufficient.  If your car is parked outdoors where it is exposed to bird droppings, bug marks, tree sap or other toxins, you should wash your car more often.  Bird droppings, bug marks, tree sap, water spots and oxidation should be treated as soon as possible because these contaminants may cause permanent marks if not handled promptly.

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Another topic, regular hand waxing will help preserve your car’s color and provide a deep, high gloss shine to your car’s exterior.  Most cars have a thin, transparent clear coat on top of the color coat to provide the shine.  Environmental elements, such as acid rain, bird droppings, bug marks, tree sap, water spots and oxidation, erode the clear coat causing your car’s color to look dull and faded over time.  Regular waxing restores the protective clear coat, reducing future dullness, fading and scratches.  If you feel hand wax is too troublesome, then Leisuwash water wax system could offer you solution, go Leisu brushless car wash stores and keep your car waxed every time during automatic car washing, it will also achieve a satisfied result.

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