How Does a Touchless Car Wash Work

18 Feb

A Leisuwash touchless car wash is one of the new advancements in the car wash industry. The older machines with large brushes have been known to cause damage to the paint of your car. Leisu touchless car washes also eliminate the need for a human to actually wash the car, since the whole process of automated Touchless systems have been developed to combat this problem, and they have been a great success. Here is how a touchless car wash works.

The touchless car wash equipment first must wet your car since you can’t apply soap on a dry, dirty vehicle. The system will move around the car with low pressure nozzles. A special car wash soap is then applied to the car. The system passes by all parts of the car, and sprays the soap all over. It can soak in while it is finishing the soaping of other parts of the car. The nozzles then turn into high pressure power washers, which will clean the soap off the car. This will get everything off the car, and could even be repeated in longer wash cycles. After this is done, the touchless car wash can then put wax on, clean the tires with special cleaners, or other options. It is then time to dry your car, which is done with high pressure air blowers. These are great because they will not create water spots that can occur when drying. These systems are very accurate, and have sped up car washes, being able to do many more per hour than when done with human help.

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