Four points for self-service car wash

18 Feb

Self-service car wash really will cause some damage for paint during un-professional operation, Leisuwash have four proposals for friends who want self-service washing the car.

Recommendation I: Do not “wash in direct sunlight, UV radiation and would cause great damage to the paint so to avoid direct sunlight during sunny days at the following car wash, looking for a cool place to wash..” In direct sunlight washing cars produced car manufacturers in the production of the factory, will be against solar radiation can cause damage to the paintwork, and will deal with the paint surface and do light refractive index. But along with the use of post-consumer purchases, the refractive index of the paint surface is constantly reduced, eight months after the paint surface refractive index of less than 30%, if the car wash in direct sunlight, the car hit the water surface will form water beads, equivalent to “convex”, then the sun’s ultraviolet radiation on the car will grow exponentially. So to wash in the shade.

Recommendation II: give the car to be a polished surface coating made of car washing and waxing, no matter what product and what professional technical methods will have some damage to the paintwork. In particular, it was not the owner of the general professional in this regard, so they’ll paint the car wash improper operation have some damage. And after washing the car surface metallic paint molecular structure damage, the general will be processed using the method of polishing, but will throw more thinner. Owners self-service car wash in order to avoid differences in error during vehicle damage, it is best to do a paint coating or drainage treatment instead of wax and seal the glaze. After coating and wastewater treatment through, wash the car, whether it is self-service car wash still is to a professional car wash to wash, paint will not cause damage to the.

Recommendation III: Before wash first with water basin splashed point about the “big dust particles in the surface of the car before the car wash is best to use pots poured some water, washed look dust, thus reducing damage to the paintwork.” Car wash first Yung said that the car driving up with fever, will absorb the dust in the air, even if it does not rain in the sky, do not take the rural road, travel only on city roads, the car will have a layer of adsorbed onto the surface of dust and dust particles. Self-washing device of hydraulic punching out large particles of dust do not go directly to the car brush will damage the paint with a brush on the self-service car wash. So before self-washing is best to use the basin splashed water at the point of dust particles.

Recommendation IV: washing the car surface water drops water drops to dry in the sun can cause damage to the paintwork must be dry, as the summer wore “reading glasses” to outdoor flow easily cause damage to the eyes is a reason . Said with a self-service car wash after washing the car, preferably with soft silicone scraper to scrape the water, then towel wax hairs on the inside edge of the wax towel bag, and then remove the residual in the car did not scrape the surface drops, thus reducing the damage the sun’s ultraviolet radiation caused by the paint surface.



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