Magic Wash 360

06 May

Dated 3rd, May, 2019, Leisuwash 360 automatic car wash machine installation finished in Giza, Egypt, thanks for hard work of our great technician Mr Cheng Xiaodong, he did a good job and enjoyed the sightseeing in Egypt too.

Leisuwash 360 unique intergrated air drying system, can fast drying the vehicle within 50 seconds, include vehicle crevices. Leisuwash 360 control the air flow through four cylindrical air outlet, the first outlet split the air to optimize the air speed, makes strong wind arrive to vehicle body at the shortest time. Whether a tall SUV or low body sports car, can achieve effective drying result.

car wash machine

Leisuwash 360 car washing in Giza, Egypt

magic car wash

Leisuwash technician with Egypt customers

car wash shop

Magic car washing

car wash 360

Magic Wash 360


Jack Zeng

Hangzhou Leisu Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd

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