Inteljet SG Chelyabinsk

01 Apr
In Chelyabinsk, our team recently completed the installation of a new car wash!
A new box equipped with Leisuwash SG opened on Kurchatova Street! This car equipment has ranked itself as one of the best on the market!
In addition, we have installed:
⁃ AR pump (Italy)
⁃ 18.5 kW engine
⁃ Inteljet Full 32 terminal
⁃ cylinder side washing system
⁃ Automatic gate control unit
⁃ Osmos 500 l/h reverse system
⁃ function of the last Osmos wash with low pressure
Address: G. Chelyabinsk, St. Kurchatova, d. 22V
You can try the new car wash today! We are waiting for you in direct message for any questions.
Leisuwash SG car wash in Chelyabinsk

Leisuwash SG car wash in Chelyabinsk


Jack Zeng ( International Sales Director )

Hangzhou Leisu Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd

Do you have any questions about the car washes or the price ?
You are welcome to write an email to [email protected] or you want it to be quick you can also call us on +86-15868499311